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5 Summer Money-Saving A/C Maintenance Tips

July 11, 2019 |

When it comes to energy bills, everyone wants the best bang for their buck. Regular maintenance will reduce the risk of Austin air conditioning problems, which is the last thing you want during the long, grueling Texas summer months. However, some parts can fail without warning, so regular maintenance is highly recommended. Here are five things you can do to not waste energy or money:

1 – Clean or replace filters

As far as A/C maintenance goes, this is the easiest and often most-overlooked step. Your filters should be replaced every couple months to keep your A/C running smoothly and your air clean.

2 – Clean the coils on the outside unit

Clean coils will make your air cooler and will enhance your A/C’s ability to pull moisture out of the air, reducing risk of mold and other allergens. Before you start your A/C repairs, remember: safety first! Make sure you shut off the power to the unit before doing any work. Once the power is off, you can unscrew the side and top panels or protective grills using a screwdriver or nut driver. Then, lift off the top. Do not tug on any wires connected to the fan. There are many different ways to clean the coils. You can use brushes, like a refrigerator coil brush or a soft brush on a vacuum. For more stubborn debris, you can use a garden hose to blast dirt from the coils from the inside. However, be very careful not to spray the fan or the electrical components. And remember to be thorough, as mud can sometimes block some areas between the fins.

3 – Check coolant lines

The pipes that carry air conditioning refrigerant are typically covered with foam coolant line insulation to prevent them from losing energy. If there are areas where the insulation is missing or damaged, you should replace it.

4 – Check ductwork for leaks

Even a tiny A/C ductwork leak will make your air conditioning system work harder, causing higher energy bills. Look for disconnected joints, separated pieces and small holes in your ductwork. If you find leaks, seal them with tape.

5 – It’s not too late to call for summer maintenance checks

Restoring the other components to 100% will make your A/C run better and will cool your home easier. While there are things you can maintain yourself, calling a professional to take a look will guarantee that your A/C is running smoothly all summer long. Call us today!

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