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50 Years of Air Conditioning Repair in Austin

June 1, 2017 |
And a whole lot more!

snow on congress in 1967 Whaddayaknow? Snow on Congress Ave. in 1967, the year we were established.

That’s right, All Year Heating & Cooling—Austin’s best and most trusted air conditioning installation and repair company—is turning 50 this year. If you’re reading this, then you probably already know about our “$50 for 50” promotion, a celebration of our Austin home, and the dedicated air conditioning service we’ve provided for the last half a century. The abridged version of the promotion is this: from June 1st-August 31, 2017, we’re knocking $50 off our service call fee, or one dollar for every year we’ve been in business, bringing the cost from $86 down to $36! Do whatever you want with the extra cash—buy some rounds of Lone Star tall boys, drive to Fredericksburg, or save it. We don’t care, just don’t spend it on air conditioning repair!

Boy, 50 years have blown by, if you’ll excuse the pun. Looking back, it seems like we’ve been doing air conditioning repair for what some would call a lifetime. Entering our 50th Austin summer we’ve seen a lot, helped a lot, and improved a lot. And while Austin has kept it weird for 50 years, we like to think that we’ve kept it Just Right for just as long.

When we first started in 1967, Austin was just a small town of hippies and cowboys brought together by good music and good vibes. Back then, the population was 223,000, I-35 was brand new, and the Texas Longhorns were fresh off a football National Championship in 1963—with two more coming soon. But, time marches on, and since then the city has become a hotbed of innovation, entrepreneurship, technology and … barbeque! Fast forward to 2017, and Austin has a population of darn near a million, features some of the country’s finest restaurants, and has been called the best place to live in America. What can we say? We don’t disagree! We also like to think we had something to do with keeping it Just Right for all these years…

Like most companies that rely on ever-evolving technologies, we, too, have had to change with the times. There was a point in history where if you wanted to beat the summer heat you had to catch a matinee movie at your local movie theater, or have a friend fan you with palm fronds. We’ve even heard stories of some folks who kept their underwear in the ice box, but hey, we’re not naming names! But these days, staying cool is as easy as flipping a switch. And that’s why we’re here: to ensure reliable, efficient, and comfortable air flow to all Austin households. We have many affordable options to keep your house, apartment, or office cool this summer. From industry-leading, variable-speed Trane air conditioning units, to mini-splits and ductless, to Trane’s ComfortLink II and Clean Effects home comfort accessories, today’s home cooling solutions look like spaceships compared to the good ol’ days. And frankly, we’re thankful! Any new air conditioning system or innovation that makes keeping Austin Just Right easier, we’re all for it.

If you haven’t got your AC system checked within the last 50 years, you might be crazy—but you’re also in luck. Cash in on our “$50 for 50” promotion and give us a call, either when in an HVAC emergency, or when you’re looking for new air conditioning service or installation. Put our 50 years of expertise to work getting your home back to Just Right!


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