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Air Balancing: How To Avoid Hot & Cold Spots

August 13, 2019 |

Everyone knows what unbalanced air feels like: you walk upstairs from the main floor and all of a sudden you’re sweating. Why is it always hotter upstairs? Most people will say it’s because heat rises, which is true, but there are also other factors that are related to your A/C.

The first factor is your attic. Since heat rises, and the attic is the highest point of your house, heat gets trapped. That heat, combined with the heat from the sun on your roof, can make your attic significantly hotter than the outside. This pocket of stagnant hot air sitting on top of your home is what warms up the upstairs, even when you have air conditioning is running.

This is why most two-story homes have, or should have, two systems. Cooling a two-story home on a single system is difficult and requires a lot of trial and error to try and balance the air. With a single air conditioning system, you have to take into account how much sunshine each room gets compared to the amount of air the A/C blows into them. The rooms on the west side will receive more sunlight, which means more air will need to blow to counteract the extra heat. While the rooms on the east side will need less air because they aren’t being heated by the sun.

In a home using two air conditioning systems, the a/c system downstairs can be controlled to keep a comfortable temperature and the ac system upstairs can be turned up a little higher to combat the extra heat from the attic and the heat that has risen from the first floor.

When properly ventilated, your attic should be the same temperature as it is outside. If it is hotter than the air outside, you may want to contact a roofing company to help you. The process is usually inexpensive and simple and can make cooling your home easier. This article explains how to improve attic and roof ventilation.

If you’re reading this and thinking your two-story house needs an additional air conditioning system—maybe a Trane unit? ;)—give All Year a call! It is not a luxury to have a comfortable upstairs temperature. We can help you get there!

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