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Mitsubishi Minisplit Air Conditioning Units

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Mitsubishi Minisplits

Mini-Splits and Ductless A/C Units

All Year Heating & Cooling is committed to finding the right A/C solution for your home, and sometimes that means going beyond a conventional HVAC system. When traditional air conditioners won’t work for your home, you may consider looking in to a mini-split unit.

Mini-split units offer the ultimate in flexibility, and while they’ve been popular in many other countries, the US is just beginning to recognize what a perfect solution they offer. Whether you’re looking to cool a new addition without the expense of installing ductwork or you’ve converted a garage or attic to living space, mini-splits can be installed quickly and easily, and they work very efficiently.


Creative Cooling

Mini-split air conditioners solve a number of problems. They’re small and don’t require any ductwork, making them an ideal solution for remodeling or building additions. Efficient and quiet as a whisper, they only cool the rooms you’re using, making them cost-effective to operate. If you’re looking to cool a larger house, we can design multi-zone systems to suit your needs.

Mini-splits use variable-speed compressors, and are available in models that both cool and heat, or models that only cool.

We’ve installed hundreds of mini-split units that have proven to be the ideal solution for unusual heating and air conditioning needs. We’re ready to help you keep cool All Year for less!  Call us for a free estimate on a mini-split system for your home anywhere in North Austin, South Austin, and the surrounding areas, including Leander, Lakeway, and Barton Creek.

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