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Home Efficiency: Things You can do Inside Your Home

April 27, 2015 |

Keeping your home energy efficient is becoming a must if you live in Austin. When upgrading your home, there are 5 major areas of focus we suggest that you consider to have the most energy efficient home possible.

Upgrading Attic Insulation
Fiber insulation in the attic is placed between and on top of the rafters. It reduces energy loss by stopping heat or cool from escaping from your living areas into the attic. Each of these materials have “R” values which represents the material’s resistance to heat flow. The higher the R value, the better the insulation of that material. The amount of insulation you’ll need depends on your climate, type of A/C system, and the section of the house you plan to insulate.

Solar Screens
The U.S. Dept. of Energy estimates that during the summer many homes lose up to 60% of their cooling energy through windows. By adding Solar screens to your windows, you can lower utility bills almost immediately. Studies have shown that solar screens can reduce the load on A/C systems up to 60%.

Fixing or Replacing Leaky Air Ducts
This should be a big area of focus for older houses because, over time, the duct system that carries the hot or cool air can develop leaks and become inefficient. With ducts usually running through attics or basements, the leaks mean that your hot or cool air is lost to non-living spaces.

Fixing Air or Thermal Leaks
Heating or cooling can also be lost to ‘leaks’ in your home. These air leaks can come from many sources: door and window frames, electrical and gas service entrances, cable TV and phone lines, outdoor water faucets, and more.

Energy Efficient Heating or Cooling Systems
If your house has an old furnace or central air conditioning system, a great way to improve energy efficiency is to upgrade to new energy efficient systems like our geothermal/heat pumps. A good rule of thumb is that it is time to replace your equipment if:

• Your heat pump or air conditioner is more than 10 years old
• Your furnace or boiler is more than 15 years old
• Your equipment is breaking down often
• Your energy costs are rapidly going up

It’s the season for change! With spring blooming all over Austin, all of us at All Year Heating and Cooling can’t help but be outdoors. While we’re out, have us come inspect your home! Give us a call today at 512-467-COOL (2665) to schedule an inspection or consultation and learn how to save even more!


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