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It’s getting hot in here! (It’s A/C time in Austin, Texas.)

May 11, 2018 |

Where does the time go? May’s half over, and the heat is starting to rise here in Austin, Texas. That only means one thing: make sure your air conditioner is working properly! It’s better to check your air conditioning or a/c unit now, than get stuck with a non-functional a/c unit in July or August. After all, the LCRA is predicting 35 days or more of 100º-plus this summer. That kind of heat is no joke. Saunas are great, but living in one isn’t.

Why is air conditioning important? Well, let’s consider the alternatives:

Call us crazy, but that looks like a lot of work. We’re sticking with the air conditioning…

If you have a relatively new air conditioning unit (5 years old or newer), there are a few things you can do to ensure it’s in tip-top shape. Your first and best option is to sign up for the All Year plan, and get on a schedule to keep your central heating and a/c at peak performance. More of a DIYer? We understand. If you think you can tackle a little air conditioning check-up yourself, here’s a simple a/c checklist:

  • Change you filters!

    Nothing improves the efficiency of an air conditioning unit like clean filters.

  • Give your unit a break.

    Not home during the day? Turn your thermostat up to 80-82º. Newer units that are better at evacuating warm moist air can be set higher—older units need to be set lower, as the temperature swings are hard on an old air conditioning unit.

  • Clear the way!

    Make sure the unit is free from any debris or encroaching foliage. A/C units need space to perform!

  • Clean that baby up.

    While your unit may have gotten a break over the winter and spring, it’s time for the primetime now. Get a garden hose, and clean that metal box off in preparation for regular use.

  • Check the coil drain.

    Make sure the drain isn’t clogged or dirty, and that the water that your air conditioning unit is removing from your home…gets removed from your home.

Like anything in life, regular attention results in better outcomes: longer air conditioning unit life, lower electricity bills, and a more comfortable feeling home.

Is your unit tired, old, or in need of repair or replacement? Well you’re in the right place! Give us a call or submit a contact form, and we’ll get in touch with you right away.

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