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The Advantages of Geothermal Heating/Cooling in Austin

July 13, 2015 |

Simply put, a geothermal system doesn’t heat or cool your home by burning fossil fuels or using electricity like your current a/c unit does. Instead, it uses electricity to access the near-constant temperatures found deep in the earth. Geothermal works on a very simple principle: no matter what the air temperature is outside, the temperature under the surface of the earth remains constant. This means that during the summer, the earth is cooler than the outside air and during the winter, the earth is warmer than the outside air.

When you hold your hand over your air conditioning unit during summer, you can feel the hot air being released. This hot air is actually the heat being removed from your house by the a/c. A geothermal cooling system removes heat from your home just like a conventional air conditioning system but discharges the heat into a water loop rather than the air. The water is circulated through pipes in multiple deep holes in the ground. The near-constant temperature and abundant mass of the earth around these holes draw the heat from the water which, now cooled, can return to the unit to absorb more heat from the house. A geothermal system can cool and heat your home using 40-50% less energy than your current air conditioning system.

Geothermal systems require little maintenance. When installed properly, which is critical, the buried loop can last for generations. The unit’s fan, compressor, and pump are housed indoors, protected from the harsh weather conditions, so they tend to last for many years. Usually, filter changes and annual coil cleaning are the only required maintenance.

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