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The Art of Air Conditioning Duct Design (Austin’s Duct Dynasty)

August 10, 2017 |

When most people think of air conditioning they think of that big grey box that sits outside their house and makes a lot noise, but that’s not all there is to it. What a lot of people fail to realize is that that big grey box sitting outside is just one piece of a complex system hidden within the walls of their home or business. The cool air they feel flowing from each of the vents in their house or business seems like magic, but that’s the artistry of All Year Heating & Cooling’s duct design experts.

When it comes to duct designs there are never two of the same designs. Just as each home is different, each design of the home’s duct work is different too. On the surface, it sounds like it would be a simple task to execute—run some duct here, put a vent there, plug it in, and voila, you have a strong current of cool air flowing through each room. But it’s not that easy.

All Year Heating & Cooling has been dealing with HVAC systems for a long time, 50 years in fact, and its very own Michael Scher just so happens to be a trained architect, which gives him a leg up when it comes to knowing the most cost-effective and efficient solutions for your ductwork.

When dealing with duct designs you must consider several basic principles, such as the heating and cooling load calculation, the weight of air, and the physics of air flow. Yes, duct design takes a keen eye and an artist’s touch, but there is a lot of science that must be figured out to have a successful duct design.

Luckily, All Year Heating & Cooling ductwork experts use the Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s only recognized authority—Manual D. You can trust All Year Heating & Cooling to accurately calculate the room-by-room Air Conditioning load of your entire home, and utilize your HVAC system’s maximum efficiency.

If every room had its own thermostat we wouldn’t need to create intricate duct designs, but since that’s not the case the ductwork of your home needs to be able to heat and cool each room of your home the same. Some homes have the problem of having a room cooler than another and vice versa, but with All Year Heating & Cooling our duct experts are able figure out the best solutions for your home and make your HVAC system run at its maximum efficiency.

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