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Tips to Save On Energy Bills During Summer

May 30, 2012 |

Summer is here and according to weather reports, it’s going to be another hot one. If you’ve ever spent a summer in Austin, this isn’t surprising, but here’s something that may be: a list of tips and tricks to save you from pricey energy bills.
The largest portion of your summer electric bill (around 60%) goes towards air conditioning. According to KXAN, every degree under 78 degrees you turn your thermostat to raises your electric charges by as much as 3-4%!
Turning off your AC system while away from home isn’t the best idea either. It has to work harder than it would if it were already on, consuming more energy and raising the bill. Additionally, leaving the AC on will aid in humidity reduction in the home.
Homeowners can save around 10% a year on electric bills just by setting the thermostat 10-15 degrees higher for the eight hours a day they spend at work. If you plan on leaving for just a few hours, the suggested temperature to leave your system on is 82 degrees.

Another way to shade your home includes planting bushes and trees near windows, especially on the west side. Monitoring lights and unplugging electronics (including ones not in use) can also quickly add up to real savings. Be sure to turn out the lights if you’re not using them. Unplug the toaster when it’s not making you breakfast, and unplug the computer charger when the battery is full.

Most importantly, have your home inspected. This includes both the insulation and the air ducts. Most older homes in Austin have little to none insulation; the suggested amount ranges from around 12-13 inches. Older Austin homes are also found to leak about a third of the heating and cooling into the attic. Adding more insulation to walls, windows, and doors will lock in cool air and help your air conditioning system work more efficiently. Residences 10 years or older lacking sealant at the base of the air ducts are high-risk homes for wasting energy. Scheduling an air duct inspection early on can save your wallet later. Give us a call today at 512-467-COOL (2665) to schedule an inspection/consultation and learn how to save even more!

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