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Zoning: The Secret to an Optimized Home Temperature

June 17, 2019 |

Every house has that one room that is always hotter than the rest no matter how cold you turn your Austin air conditioning unit. However, treating every room the same when each one is naturally a different temperature (mainly due to location) is like using an all-in-one body wash, shampoo, and conditioner: it does a lot of things pretty well, and nothing great. Not exactly a recipe for home climate nirvana. The answer? Zoning.

So, what is zoning? A/C zoning is an approach to your home climate that seeks to optimize room temperatures based on size and location in order to maximize comfort and efficiency. Zoning allows your air conditioning system to cool certain rooms or zones in your home using multiple thermostats attached to the main control panel that interact with sensors placed in ductwork and installed flex dampers to adjust each room’s temperature. That’s a wordy way of saying zoning keeps your home climate just right.

The reason zoning is such an effective way to cool your home is because each room has different components that contribute to its temperature. Rooms above the main floor are hotter due to heat rising and the hot air that can sit inside attics. Additionally, rooms on the west side of your home are usually hotter due to longer exposure to the sun, while conversely, rooms on the east side will be cooler due to less sun exposure. For the rooms that are hotter, you can program your Austin air conditioning system to blow more—and cooler—air to keep it as cool as the bottom floors or the east side rooms. For the rooms that are cooler, like rooms on the east side, you will not be wasting energy and money pumping large amounts of air into the room because you’re trying to cool the rooms on the west side. Air conditioning zoning is simple in theory, complicated in execution, and absolutely essential to optimum home climate comfort.

Zoning will ensure that the temperature in all the rooms in your home are uniform and optimized. To zone your home, you really have two options: you can either get a new a/c system installed with zoning features or have your existing air conditioning system retrofitted. Of course, All Year Heating & Cooling can help with either of those tasks.

Whichever way you go, zoning will lower your utility costs, reduce wear and tear on your unit, and save energy. Now that’s a win-win approach to home climate control.

Ready to save energy and money? Call us and ask about zoning today.

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